Faderson Hotels and Apartments with its youthful family spirit, came to being as a result of our desire to become a hotel chain made for today's people. Dynamic, entrepreneurial people, with a young, open air. Faderson represents a new way of understanding hotels, a change in traditional formulas based on keeping the good while introducing innovations which will make a Faderson Hotel or apartment totally modern.

The faderson group is a dynamic enterprise, in constant expansion throughout the country. It is made up of hotels where a personal touch, a willingness to serve and outstanding quality are ever present, always at a fair price. 


Faderson Hotels don’t only care at the service detail and quality, but go further and have a clear philosophy in being close and familiar to the customers, employers, suppliers and shareholders. 

Having clear that, their business units (hotels) must maintain, every year, a modern style and decoration, a continuous maintenance, a constant technological innovation and training of their employees. That focused to the convenience and customer service, employee satisfaction and motivation; and, to also offer high profitability, businesses are always at the market forefront with a clear competitive advantage. Respecting always the main company values: honesty, commitment, service and professionalism.